Our firm is fast forwarding with rapidly changing Miami.  We have moved ahead from Freud’s couch in a dimly lit studio to the courtroom, to our office or yours, and into the 21st century with innovative techniques and procedures.

Our Psychological Testing Program is on the cutting edge of Risk Assessments, Personality and IQ Testing. Our Courtroom experience in Federal and State Court is broad.

Our psychologists have a personal history with this city dating back over 70 years. Our professional   history dates to the early 70’s.  We know the community.

We are bilingual.  And we are ready to help you tackle your problems.

Behavior Changers, Inc.


Forensic and
clinical psychologists

BEHAVIOR CHANGERS, INC.  is an organization of Forensic and Clinical Psychologists with over 100 years of effective and reliable professional experience.  We offer services to attorneys and directly to the public in our Brickell offices.

We also are available for telephone and Skype.  And we provide a full range of concierge services including emergency house-calls, weekends, and extended intensive daily counseling sessions.

over 100 years of combined experience


We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is greatly valued.  All communications are CONFIDENTIAL and PRIVILEGED.

This is critical in a therapeutic relationship and in counseling of ANY kind.  Of course, our communications and work with attorneys are similarly protected.