CONCIERGE SERVICES are fast, efficient and easy.  Our professionals will come to your home to help you resolve emergency issues such as Baker Act, domestic conflicts,  anxiety, fear or anger issues, family conflicts and crisis.

CONCIERGE SERVICES can provide in-house treatment for the most common psychological problems which include low-self esteem, feelings of failures, rejection and depression/ anger and rage/ anxiety and worry and loneliness and isolation  that lead to shortened life  (i.e., people who report being lonely have a 14% higher chance of early death) and rob you or someone you love of daily pleasure and enjoyment. CONCIERGE SERVICES can include psychological testing in your home. 

CONCIERGE SERVICES are highly specialized and individually designed.  Need three days of intense marital counseling?  We can provide it at your home or at a local venue where you both talk together, dine together, play together and work together to improve and resolve your relationship. 

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​Behavior Changers offers psychological consulting at its offices located in the Brickell area. Please call our offices for rates or to schedule an appointment.

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