Criminal Defense Attorneys

We take the heat off of you so that you can do your work by MANAGING your clients.  We can make daily calls to the client, help them to cope with their fears and insecurities, help them with family issues, meet with family and consult with their physicians.   We can visit your clients in jail or prison for therapy that they never get while incarcerated, making them know how much you care about serving their needs.  

We EVALUATE your‎ clients for Competency, Dangerousness,  Risk of Recidivism,  Pedophilia or other Sexual Diagnoses, Susceptibility to Entrapment, Mitigation, Ability to Waive Miranda, Insanity, and Mental Retardation.

We provide EXPERT TESTIMONY. Our experts are well versed in Court Testimony (both State and Federal) and have been qualified every time they have testified.  Drs. Haber and Rappaport have testified thousands of times, and Dr. Klein is catching up, having testified almost a hundred times in state court regarding Insanity, PTSD, and Mitigation. 

We TREAT your clients.  Our team of psychologists provide top level psychotherapy services to your clients  with reports to the Court if needed. We can replace long term Court-mandated treatment (i.e. the 26 week Advocate Program) with private shorter-term  treatment while still fulfilling all requirements.  

Pre-trial or waiting while the case develops is a most stressful time for your clients.  They are scared and anxious, some with fears that they are embarrassed to share with you.  Our team will service your clients in detention in greater Miami and Broward, providing Confidential  therapy according to the client's needs.

Divorce Attorneys

We will help you MANAGE your clients by talking  with them daily to help them to cope with the divorce "Crazy Time".  We deal with simple issues for you so that you have the time to do what  you need to do to settle or win their case. Divorce is the most emotional problem people have to deal with in their life.  Every area of their existance is threatened.  They feel under constant attack (and they usually are).  Their self-esteem is threatened, as is their basic security.  Children have to be dealt with.  Your clients need guidance and support to navigate through their emotional morass. We do this for you and for them.

PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION  is sometimes required when a parent is accused of physical or emotional abuse, substance abuse and, the worst, sexual abuse.  We provide timely, cutting edge evaluation for all these issues and are available for Court Testimony.

We have been providing GUARDIAN AD LITEM services to the community for years.  Many Family Court Judges refer children with psychological problems or children from high conflict families for Guardian services.  

Probate Attorneys

Evaluate your clients for Testamentary Capacity, Guardianship, partial Guardianship, Psychological Autopsy and provide testimony as necessary.

Civil Attorneys

Conduct an Independent Medical Evaluation of the Petitioner‎.

Consult with you  regarding trial strategy and cross-examination of experts.

Juvenile Attorneys

We can EVALUATE your clients for Competency to Proceed, Ability to Waive Miranda, and Mitigation.  We can test for IQ and Academic Problems.


We can TREAT your clients for psychological problems and work with families.

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Behavior Changers assists CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS, FAMILY LAW ATTORNEYS, CIVIL ATTORNEYS and PROBATE ATTORNEYS.  We manage, evaluate and treat your clients who have problems with the LAW.  We offer Expert testimony in both Federal and State Courts